Secrets to a Great Home Manicure

Our hands and nails are always on show so its a good idea to spend some time looking after them and making them look beautiful, the results will be worth the effort I can assure you.

During the course of the day there are many things which can damage the nails and dry out the hands. We are constantly using our hands so the skin can dry out and begin to crack or the nail can chip and peel. If you don’t want to have a professional manicure you can still get lovely looking hands by following a good nail care routine at home. This is what I do and treat myself to a visit to a salon on special occasions.

Nail care routine

1  Remove any existing polish

An acetone based remover will take polish off quickly but it is very harsh and has a drying effect on the nail which can damage the surface. Try using a non acetone nail polish remover instead.

2  Take care of cuticles

Massage the cuticles with cuticle oil then push back with a cuticle tool. It is very important that you do not cut the cuticle as this is what protects the growing nail. If needed you can use a little cuticle remover gel.

3  Trim nailsGlass-Nail-File-

I prefer to use a glass nail file as a metal file can damage the nail and usually choose a slightly rounded shape for the nail. I have found that this nail is generally stronger than when I have a square shaped one. File your nails in one direction only.


4  Apply basecoat

This is an important step as it not only protects your nails from staining but provides a good base for the polish to adhere to.

5  Apply nail polish

Apply the polish in thin layers allowing each layer to dry between coats. I usually find two to three coats is fine.


6  Apply topcoat

If you want your manicure to last then be sure to use a topcoat. As well as adding shine it will prevent those little chips that always seem to appear on the nails.

7  Clean up

Now you should have beautiful manicured hands but sometimes you need to clean up your cuticles or maybe you have slipped and got polish on the sides of your fingers. Dip a cotton bud or, better still, a small angled brush in remover and clean up is easy.

Finally, I always use a good moisturiser on my hands at least twice a day and make sure that I rub it into the cuticles as well. A moisturiser with SPF will help to protect the hands from signs of aging.